About us

We came together in 2010 with the aim of using our individual and collective architectural knowledge and experience to carve our own path. In spring 2014, we established our own office, Konkrét Stúdió, which has since grown into a creative community of 10-12 people.

We are dedicated to architectural and engineering excellence, and our company name reflects our philosophy. The original meaning of the Latin word for concrete is density, compaction, which over time has acquired additional meanings: solidity, tangibility, reality, actuality, and precision, clarity, thoroughness. It is perhaps no coincidence that one of the most versatile building materials is concrete, the name given to artificial stone in Roman times.

In our passionate creative work, we always strive for the aforementioned compaction; we design inspiring, sleek, livable and functional buildings that are occupiable, inclusive and tailored to the needs of their users. We focus on the power of spaces, light and materials to create atmosphere. We pay close attention to the relationship between the house and its environment, and we are curious about the interaction between the natural and the human-made. We do not forget that a building is the outcome of a community’s effort and must therefore serve its owners in the long term, and be durable in both physical and spiritual terms. We enjoy intellectual challenges and we are driven by curiosity. The design of a building is a cultural adventure, through the constant questioning and exchange of ideas, which reinforces our belief in the power of cultural continuity.

Today, the issue of sustainability is unavoidable. From the very beginning, we have been consciously aiming to be frugal and we encourage our clients to do the same. The gut und günstig principle is present in all our buildings. We value our existing built environment and therefore think about preserving and enhancing it wherever possible. In continuing our common history, we give the opportunity to live on from the protected heritage to the simplest building.

We seek to support investment in a holistic way and throughout the whole process. Where we can, we see our projects through to completion, so we know they can stand their ground in the world after we let them go. We take pride in the fact that our clients often develop long-term relationships, even friendships, as a testament to our values and work.

We have a strong track record in cultural and tourism development projects in key heritage or world heritage settings, and have regularly worked on small and large-scale public buildings, family houses and residential interiors, as well as designing several successful permanent exhibitions. With our like-minded designers, we undertake general design from project inception to completion.

We love to live, see the world and be inspired by nature. Separately and as a team, we travel the world with our eyes wide open.  We are working to make our houses radiate a joy of living.

We work in a fun, close-knit creative community where we motivate and inspire each other to experiment. Each of our individual ideas are woven into the final result, and the professional service is guaranteed by the knowledge and experience of our founders.

Our team

Csaba Balogh
founder, lead architect,
Ágnes Deigner
founder, architect
Levente Sirokai
founder, architect
Péter Sónicz
founder, architect, BIM manager
Krisztina Ancza
Ádám Csallai
Zsófia Hoffmann
Gergő Kalocsai
Barnabás Rácz-Szabó
Orsolya Tatár-Gönczi
Orsolya Vajda
office manager
Ági Vértesy
snoring technique expert


Office and mailing address:

Konkrét Stúdió Kft.
H-1011 Budapest, Szalag u. 4. 2.em. 4.
+36 70 313 5386

Headquarters and billing address:

Konkrét Stúdió Kft.
H-1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 19/a fsz. 12.
tax number: 24896454-2-43
company registration number: 0109188107

Balogh Csaba
Co-founder  I  CEO  I  Chief architect
+36 70 516 4284

Sirokai Levente
Co-founder  I  Senior architect designer
+36 30 982 3421

Deigner Ágnes
Co-founder  I CEO  I  Senior architect designer
+36 30 982 3498

Sónicz Péter
Co-founder  I  Senior architect designer
+36 30 479 8345

Our partners

structural engineering

Lapidárium Mérnöki Kft.
Zoltán V. Nagy  I  lead structural engineer

Baratta Építész és Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
Egon Baratta  I  lead structural engineer

building services engineering

HVArC Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
Lucz Attila  I  lead building services engineer

electrical engineering

Artvill Mérnöki Iroda Kft.
Judit Balázs  I  lead electrical engineer

Zone-Plan Tervező és Mérnöki Tanácsadó Kft.
György Kapitor  I  lead electrical engineer

building structures

Épszerkinfo Kft.
Károly Nagy  I  building structure technical designer

lighting design

Ferenc Haász  I  lead lighting designer

Rio Lámpastúdió Kft.

landscape architecture

S-tér Kft.
Tamás Sándor  I  lead landscape architect

Mónika Mandel  I  lead landscape architect

fire protection

Fireeng Kft.
György Decsi  I  lead fire safety planner

road and traffic technology and traffic construction planning

Fejér Európa Kft.
Krisztina Grosz  I  lead transport facility planning engineer

kitchen technology design

Artakim Kft.
Katalin Harangi  I kitchen technology designer

wood protection

Pannon-Protect Kft.

faProtekt Bt.

technical inspector, cost estimator

Juhász-Soós Mérnök Iroda Kft.
Lóránt Juhász  I  technical inspector and cost estimator